With the toolbar, you have a quick and easy access to the menue functions, you need to load and save files or edit episodes.


1. New

With the "New"-button (1) you can start a new TV show. All episodes in the episode list are cleared as well as the TV show information. By default, 15 empty episodes are created. If your TV show has less than 15 episodes, delete the ones you don't need with the [-]-button in the lower left corner of the episode list.

2. Open

With the "Open"-button (2) you can load new files into the episode list. The files are inserted at the current selected row. Select the first row to start a new TV show.

3. Tag Files

Use the "Tag Files"-button (3) to tag the episodes in the episode list. Only the files with a yellow status LED can be written. Ensure that you set the correct information. The contents of the edit fields and the cover image is written to your original files. Keep that in mind! If you don't want the originals being touched, use "Save As" (4) instead. The tagging process is very quickly and after sucessfully being tagged the LED's turn green. 

4. Save As

The "Save As“-function (4) copies your files to a new location and tags the files after copying. Select the destination folder in the save panel. After that MetaTV creates a subfolder in the selected directory with the title of the TV show. Within this subfolder MetaTV creates another folder with the season number. After that MetaTV copies all the episodes to the season folder and tages them. Your original files are not touched.

5. Clear

Use the "Clear“-button (5) to clear all edit fields and the cover of the current selected episodes. The assigned file names are not cleared.

6. Sort episodes by title

To use this Button (6), your episode files must contain the episode title in the filename. Second, you must select the wanted TV show and season in the search drawer. Press button (6) to sort the files in the episode list according the the episode titles of the selected season. If an episode title is not recognized, the episode file is moved to the end of the list.

7. Sort episodes by number

This Button (7) sorts the episodes in the episode list by episode number. To do that, add the episode ID of the form "SxxExx" somewhere in your filename, where "xx" is the number of the season and episode, e.g. "S02E05" for season two and episode 5. MetaTV also recognizes the eyeTV file pattern with the substring "E-NN" where "E" is the episode number and "NN" is the total number of episodes of that season. Also the iTunes file patterns is accepted: S-EE <episode title>.m4v, with "S" as season number and "EE" as episode number . If no matching pattern is found, the episodes are inserted at the last position of the list view in order not to overwrite other episodes.

8. Cut

If you added the "Cut & Paste"-buttons (8-10) to the toolbar, you can access the episode related cut and paste functions directly. The "Cut"-function (8) clears the currently selected episodes in the episode list and copies them to the clipboard. The episodes can be pasted to at a new position afterwards with the paste-button (10).

9. Copy

The "Copy"-button (9) copies the information of the currently selected episodes in the episode list to the clipboard. The corresponding rows are not cleared in the list view. The episodes can be pasted to non empty episodes at another position in the list view via button (10).

10. Paste

With the "Paste"-buttion (10) you can paste the cutted or copied information to a new row in the episode list. If you used "Cut“ (8) before, the episodes are inserted at the new position. The assigned files are pasted as well. If you used "Copy“ (9) before, the episodes at the paste position gets the copied information without changing the assigned files. Empty destination episodes are not changed.

11. ID-Window

With the „ID-Window“-button (11), you can toggle the visibility of the ID-window of MetaTV.

12. Preferences

If you added this button (12) to your toolbar you have convenient access to the preference window.

13. Search

With the "Search“-button (13), you can toggle the visibility of the search drawer of MetaTV.

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