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If you have any questions or problems concerning†MetaTV,†MetaMovie†or MetaCopy, then fill in the form below please. You will get a response per mail.†

Wie would be pleased to receive any bug reports and recommendations for improvements.†


MetaTV is currently not available, because API V2.x. is not working. We try to fix this as soon as possible.

MetaTV can't load any data

MetaTV uses†TheTVDbto retrieve data for tv shows. Unfortunately this server has sometimes failures, so that MetaTV seems to be broken. We have no influence on the servers of TheTVDb so that we can't do anything if†this database is down.†Please accept our apologies.

MetaMovie doesn’t rename files after tagging

Choose your working directory in the preferences, if you activated one of the custom filename options in the preferences and all files will be renamed beyond that path.

Have you seen the FAQ?

FAQ for MetaMovie
FAQ for MetaTV
FAQ for MetaCopy

Help me, to improve my programs!

MetaMovie, MetaTV and MetaCopy rely heavily on the applied MPEG4-files. Unfortunately it is pactically impossible to test all mpeg4-coverters for compatibility. Thats why I depend on your help, if any problems came up during tagging your mp4-files.†

If you have problems with MetaMovie or MetaTV, please report the name of the converter software, the version number and the settings you used for transcoding. If possible, please build a mp4-test file (< 5MB), which reproduces the error and send it to†

Thank you for your help!

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