How To

Tagging with MetaMovie is very simple. At first, drag your movie files from the Finder window to the movie list of MetaMovie. If your movies contain any meta information you will see them immediately. To add new meta information about a movie together with a good looking cover, open the TMDb search drawer. Enter the movie titel in the search field and press return. MetaMovie downloads the search results and displays them in the search result list. Select the correct movie by double click. The first movie of the list is loaded immediately. 

You can start a TMDb-search for more than one movie at once. Mark all files in the movie list, you need meta information for. Then start the TMDb-search for all selected files. The best matching search result is loaded by MetaMovie immediately. To do a successful search, the filename must contain the correct movie title. You can check the search result, by single selecting the files after the search is finished.

Popular movies have many cover images so that the download of the search results can take a while. You see a progress bar for the download status at the bottom of the search window. Select one of the covers  in the search drawer and press "Copy“ to transfer the information and the cover to the main window. Edit the information if needed and press "Save". That's it! Now you can import your movie to iTunes and you will see how professional it looks like in your library.

Subtitles can be added by MetaMovie too. To activate the subtitle download, you must search for the movie via the search window first. Then press „Copy“ in the search drawer to transfer the information to the main window. The subtitle reload button becomes active. Press the button and MetaMovie starts to retrieve a matching subtitle set.

You can search for chapter information. Select „“ in the chapter section of the main window and press the reload button. MetaMovie searches for matching movie chapters.

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