Frequently Ask Questions

What do I need MetaCopy for?

With MetaCopy you can copy meta information of iTunes music and movie files to another file very easily. All cover arts and infomation like artist, actors, description ect. are copied. For movies you can copy chapter information as well.

Which movie formats are supported?

All popular iTunes formats are supported:†mp4†and†m4v. Recommended for iTunes is to use the movie container format m4v. Other formats like mov, mkv und ogg are not supported currently.

Which audio formats are supported?

For audio files the iTunes specific formats†m4a†und†m4p†are supported. The often used mp3-format is currently not available, because the tags are not stored as iTunes tag information.

What do I have to regard before coping iTunes meta data?

Usually you use "Modify" to copy the iTunes information from the source to the destination file directly. In some cases, it can happen, that the destination file is damaged by the modification. In that cases, it is always a good idea, to use "Save as" instead. Here you select a new location and name for the destination file and the original destination file is copied to that location first. The new copy is tagged afterwards and the original file is not changed anyway.

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